Any form is acceptable. We have a somewhat strong preference for poems that do not rhyme. 

Poems should be a maximum of one single-spaced page in Microsoft Word, no matter how the lines are formatted.

Send no more than five (5) poems per issue. They should all be in a single document, and each one should start on a new page.
We want short stories and self-contained novel excerpts. We're not too strict about subject matter. 

3500 words maximum.

Send one (1) fiction submission per issue. Please number the pages and double space the lines. 
Send your best memoirs, personal essays, travel or food writing, and book reviews.

3500 words maximum.

Send one (1) nonfiction submission per issue. Please number the pages and double space the lines.
Photographs, graphic design, drawings, and comics are all good, but you can send almost anything for our consideration.

Submit as many as five (5) photographs or five (5) drawings per issue. Submit one (1) comic, preferably no more than a dozen standard-sized panels. Submit no more than two (2) pieces of graphic design.
The Merrimack Review